Why us?
With so many transport solicitors to choose from, it’s hard to know where to turn.  Each firm makes similar claims in terms of cost, customer service and results. How do you decide who is going to deliver the best result for the best price? Whether you are going to succeed and how much your case will cost to fight are the first questions we cover with you. This is the only way of giving you an opportunity to make an informed choice about your representative. 

At CE Transport Law, you can be sure that the claims we make are all completely accurate. As a small business we are dependent on our reputation to secure the clients of tomorrow, so we make sure that every client is engaged with the process and kept well informed. 

In order to achieve client satisfaction, we follow a simple but tried and tested process that involves you every step of the way. Our solicitors will not begin work before obtaining your tacit agreement to the cost, which will be set out in writing. All of the possible outcomes are discussed and advice is given from professionals with at least 10 years in practice. You will have the choice of putting a cap on costs, or only taking key pieces of advice. 

If we believe that the piece of work you are enquiring about could be done less expensively by an external consultant (and we know many, nationwide) we will recommend the services of someone we trust and have worked with previously. Many of the consultants we work with are former DVSA or RHA employees and have gone on to set up their own Companies which means that we can signpost you to the right person in your area.

Since 2017, we have maintained the Lexcel standard, which is the Law Society's quality mark for excellence in legal practice management and client care. We are regularly audited to that standard in order to maintain the quality mark. As part of that process we send all of our clients a feedback form to complete and to date have received 95% client satisfaction. 

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