DVSA/OTC Correspondence Advice

We are often requested to represent operators at Public Inquiry in cases where ongoing correspondence and calls between the Office of the Traffic Commissioner and the operator have not managed to resolve outstanding issue(s). We would advise all operators to involve us if they appear to have reached a stage beyond which they are not making much progress or they are not clear what is being asked of them. The most common of those is a ‘Propose to revoke’ letter or a ‘Propose to refuse’ letter. 

We can check any response drafted by you or indeed prepare and submit a response on your behalf. It may well be that a short meeting or even just a telephone call can enable you to progress to the next stage or more importantly, avoid more substantial intervention. 

Similarly, you may have received a request from the DVSA to produce information, or co-operate with an interview. You may not be sure how to respond or indeed whether you are obliged to comply. 

We can offer clear and practical advice on the status of the request being made and explain your options. 

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