DVSA/Police Interview Advice

You may have been requested to attend an interview with the DVSA or the Police. 

Although you may be tempted to attend unrepresented to save costs, anything you say during that interview will be recorded and can later be used, either at a Public Inquiry, or Court proceedings as evidence. The effect of what you say in those early days of the investigation process may have a substantial effect on your business.

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Our solicitors have each acquired over 15 years of experience in representing clients during interview with various government agencies and the Police. 

Our solicitors are advocates who have spent many years appearing at police stations and DVSA offices nationally in order to get the best result for our clients. 

If you are concerned about the cost of involving a solicitor, call to get a quote first. The cost will often depend on the travelling time and the complexity. We can also arrange to conduct a telephone conference call for a limited fee so that you can take a advice in advance of the interview itself. 

Interview Under Caution FAQs

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