Amazon Freight Partners - Word of Caution

By guest blogger Jaap Alberts

External Transport Manager, Leicester

I was working through an external audit on behalf of a customer, when the familiar ping of a WhatsApp message comes in.

“ Build and grow your own company , fuelled by Amazon. Start and grow your trucking business as an Amazon Freight Partner – no trucks or trucking experience needed”.

I had to read this again… No experience needed!? Start Up costs as low as £26k for 5 trucks?

Amazon offers a partnership to carry theirs - and/or their customers goods in exchange for a payment. This requires that the freight partner in this relationship must have a Standard National Operators License. One component of this will be a qualified Haulage CPC holder. They must have sufficient financial standing and good repute.

There are further enticements to include consistent work and £1.1M-£1.6M in annual revenue potential (subject to T’s and C’s!).

Whilst this may create opportunity for some - it is a concern that the implication is that no experience or training is required to enter this highly regulated field.

Will this cause a number of unsuspecting applicants to find themselves before the Traffic Commissioner?

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