Bridge Strikes - Be Warned

On an average day in the UK alone there are 5 bridge strikes involving HGVs and/or buses

You may have seen the recent national media coverage of the bridge collision involving a double decker bus in Winchester which sadly caused injury to students travelling to school earlier this month.

Research carried out by Network Rail showed that nearly a third (32%) of drivers set off on their journey without being aware of the height of their vehicle. Just over half (56%) didn’t consider low bridges when planning their journey.

If your driver strikes a bridge, your company could be liable for all costs for inspections including repairs, delays and damages to other users. It’s also likely that your company will be investigated by the DVSA and both you and your driver could face criminal prosecution.

Bridge strikes are becoming a hot topic with improved reporting lines from Network Rail to the Office of the Traffic Commissioner (OTC) in order that regulatory action can be considered. Operators are warned to take responsibility for giving drivers the route planning guidance they need to avoid collisions. A bridge strike can bring your whole operation under scrutiny.

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