DVSA: 10 Year Tyre Ban

A ban was introduced on 1 February for tyres aged over 10 on the front steered axles of lorries, buses and coaches as well as all minibus (9-16 seaters) single wheels.

The DVSA said they’ll do checks at roadsides and annual vehicle tests to enforce the new policy so be warned.

Sanctions policy updated

The DVSA updated its enforcement sanctions policy to reflect the new offences.

What are the penalties?

They include:

  • £100 fixed penalty
  • endorsable points on the driver’s licence
  • a possible prosecution for more than 1 endorsable offence

Go to the DVSA enforcement sanctions policy to find out more. Read the DVSA categorisation of defects document and annual test inspection manuals for passenger service vehicles and heavy goods vehicles that show the recent changes.

A DVSA’s 'Moving On’ blog also explains the changes and what they mean to operators.

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