French Border Reopening: Lorry Drivers Urged to Stay Away from Kent, East Sussex and Kent Ports

The whole country is probably aware of the major disruption UK international hauliers are currently experiencing at ports. As of 23 December, the emergency 48 hour ban imposed by France (and many other nations) of inbound freight and passenger travel from the UK was lifted. Drivers can now continue their journeys but all nationalities will need proof of a negative test. The lateral flow test will detect the new fast spreading Covid variant identified in southern England that led to nations closing their borders to UK accompanied freight and passengers. It will provide results within 30 minutes.

Read the 22 December news release regarding the UK government protocol agreed to reopen the French border here. This protocol will be reviewed on 31 December but could run until 6 January.

Thousands of lorry and van drivers are still waiting to leave Kent who are desperate to get home to their loved ones for Christmas. Our thoughts are very much with all those working in the haulage sector and in particular the drivers stuck in queues at this very challenging time.

Passenger transport and accompanied freight from the UK can resume but UK Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, has urged hauliers to avoid travelling to Kent ports (including Eurotunnel) and other routes to France until further notice.

Unaccompanied freight can still travel to France and inbound freight can continue to travel to the UK.

Hauliers should make sure they have the right arrangements in place if they're looking for alternative routes.

Read more about the guidance to manage traffic flow on Kent’s road network in the event of severe disruption to services across the English Channel here.

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