Is That a Learner I see Before Me – On a Motorway?

From 4th June 2018 we will be sharing our motorways with learner drivers.

This has followed a series of changes to the driving test for a standard licence including:

  • Use of satellite navigation as part of an extended independent driving section of the practical test;
  • Removal of the ‘reverse around a corner’ and ‘turn in the road’ manoeuvres and
  • Introduction of two ‘show me/tell me’ questions on vehicle safety

No Rush!

Before everybody gets worried that the motorways are going to be full of learner drivers with mum or dad in the passenger seat there are certain criteria that come with this change to driver training. The lessons taking place on a motorway will be voluntary, they must be supervised by an approved driving instructor and the car being used must be fitted with dual controls.

Learner drivers will only be taken onto a motorway once their instructor is satisfied that the pupil has the necessary high-speed driving skills required to cope with the motorway environment. These skills would normally be gained through driving experience on dual carriageways.

Motorway skills

Lessons undertaken on motorways will cover such areas as;

  • How to join and leave the motorway;
  • Overtaking and the correct use of lanes;
  • Using smart motorways and
  • Understanding motorway-specific traffic signs

Be Patient!

If you do encounter a learner driver on the motorway, or on any other road, please remember Rule 217 of the Highway Code:

“Learners and inexperienced drivers. They may not be so skilful at anticipating and responding to events. Be particularly patient with learner drivers and young drivers."

Even though they may have an approved driving instructor with them.

June 2018

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