Just Returned from Abroad and Due to Attend a Public Inquiry?

As coronavirus cases start to rise again across Europe and beyond, new 14 day quarantine rules will apply to people returning from countries now taken off the exemption list. These rules include all travel by coach, ferry, train or plane.

On 21 August, the Office of the Traffic Commissioner (OTC) sent out a press release stating that Public Inquiry attendees must follow the quarantine rule when they return to the UK from a non-exempt country. In person hearings have now started again but the OTC said there have been worrying reports of people going to hearings just after returning home to the UK. Risk assessments and measures have been put in place for the safety of all attendees. The OTC advise those due to attend a hearing to let them know as soon as possible if they need to self-isolate so attendance via video link can then be considered.

It’s worth checking the travel corridors below regularly as measures can change with little notice and rules across the UK nations vary! The link below lists current travel exemptions for England.


Things you now need to know when attending a Public Inquiry

Public Inquiries and Driver Conduct Hearings have returned with a few changes that are worth noting:

  • attendee numbers will be limited, depending on the region
  • a week before the hearing evidence must be submitted in triplicate
  • please note the TC may not review evidence if it’s only provided on the day
  • maintenance records must be submitted in vehicle folders
  • all attendees must provide their contact details in advance or they may not be able to enter the building
  • you can only enter the building 10 minutes before the hearing so you may need to meet your solicitor elsewhere
  • no water is provided so come prepared!

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