New DVLA Consent Forms - Licence Checks

Just when you thought you had heard the last of GDPR, its back again! For those who have been travelling to far flung planets or foreign climes and are not aware GDPR (or the General Data Protection Regulations), this came into force 25 May 2018. For those operators who use the DVLA Access to Driver Data system, the consent form that your drivers sign to enable you to gain access to their data has been updated in line with GDPR.

A new form is now available from the DVLA via GOV.UK called D906. This new form replaces the old form (D796), but the old form will still be accepted until 26 August 2018 from which time only the new form will be accepted.

What is the difference?

Firstly, the form D906 (new one) does not cover access to Driver CPC information, you will need to contact DVLA for this and information on Driver Tachograph cards.

Secondly, the company/operator must now fill in a new section (2) giving the reason for processing the information. The idea behind this is that drivers understand who is requesting their driving licence data, what the data is, how it is being requested, and for what reason. The good news is that after the form is completed, it will remain valid for a period of three years. Make a diary reminder note!

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