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Latest on use of tyres over 10 years old 

A ban on older tyres for large vehicles could be introduced later this year. New proposals are being consulted on and tyres aged 10 years and older would be banned from use on buses, coaches, lorries and mini buses. DVSA guidance is that tyres of this age should not be used on the front axles of heavy goods vehicles as well as buses and coaches. The proposals would extend this and make it law rather than guidance. Views are also sought as to whether the ban should extend to taxi and private hire vehicles. Have your say here. The consultation closes on 1st September 2019.

Air quality: tyres and brakes Research from the Air Quality Expert Group shows that it is not just car exhaust fumes that are an issue but also the tiny particles released from car brakes and tyres. The report from AQEG is said to offer the most globally comprehensive analysis to date of the impact of brake and tyre wear. The government published a summary of responses from the call for evidence on ‘air quality: brake, tyre and road surface wear’ and will now be looking at ways to measure and reduce emissions from other sources.

DVLA vehicle registration For the first time authorised vehicle manufacturers or retailers can register new vehicles or new imported vehicles online. In order to use the online service you will need to be approved to use the secure registration scheme.

DVLA corporate energy The DVLA has published its corporate energy policy: reducing costs. Its aim is to make sure CO2 emissions are minimised, energy costs reduced, and it becomes more energy efficient.

DVSA The DVSA has published its annual review 2018 to 2019 summarising what DVSA staff have achieved over the year. The annual report and accounts provide more detailed information.

Bus franchising Greater Manchester is set to become the first city region to pursue bus franchising under the Bus Services Act 2017. An assessment into the future of the region’s bus market has been completed and bus franchising is the preferred option. The assessment is to be considered by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority on 28th June 2019.

Trailer safety  The Department of Transport has published a statutory report on trailer safety considering the safety of trailers over 750kg on the basis of best available data, and whether mandatory testing and/or registration of trailers over 750kg be introduced.

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Cyber Essentials aims to help organisations implement basic levels of protection against cyber attack, demonstrating to their customers that they take cyber security seriously.

Cyber Essentials is an independently verified self assessment. Organisations assess themselves against five basic security controls and a qualified assessor verifies the information provided.

Since 1 October 2014, Cyber Essentials became a minimum requirement for bidding for some government contracts. Please read here.

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