Traffic Commissioners of Great Britain January Updates

Standard Operators

Article 7 of EC1071 has been amended so that the rate of financial standing to be applied to the first and each additional vehicle is now set in Sterling instead of Euros.

The 2021 financial standing levels for standard operator licence holders and applicants have changed and the rates that came into effect on 1 January 2021 are:

1st vehicle: £8000 (previously advised as £8200)

Each additional vehicle: £4500 (previously £4550)

Restricted Operators

There will be no change to the rates of finance available to support a restricted licence or application at the moment.

Read the Senior Traffic Commissioner's updated Statutory Document No. 2 on Finance here.

Traffic Commissioners of Great Britain Emergency Guidance

The Covid-19 Guidance issued at the beginning of the first national lockdown in March 2020 has been continually updated to reflect the emerging issues as the pandemic continues. The Senior Traffic Commissioner (STC) published an advice note on 14 January 2021 urging operators to continue to maintain safety standards. Read the STC’s temporary guidance in response to the Covid-19 outbreak here.

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