Travelling to Kent? Get a Negative Covid Test First

The major disruption at Dover and the Eurotunnel just before Christmas was a terrible situation which caused delay and distress to lorry drivers and operators at their busiest time of year.

To avoid future delays, the UK government has advised drivers and crew to get a negative test before they drive to Kent and other Channel ports. Free Covid tests are available for HGV, LGV and van drivers plus crews at some haulier advice sites. Drivers and crews using Dover and the Eurotunnel will be fast-tracked past queues if they get tested and have a valid Kent Access Permit before arriving in Kent. Testing is offered at Manston Airport and Ashford Sevington in Kent but visit an advice site to avoid delays!

France, Denmark and the Netherlands have brought in Covid testing regulations so it’s important to check the rules and be prepared before you travel.

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