UK Trailer Registrations are Getting Closer

A new Act of Parliament, the Haulage Permits and Trailer Registration Act 2018, received Royal Assent on 19 July 2018. The Act is part of the UK’s preparations for Brexit in order to allow UK Operators to continue to work as freely as possible within the EU post exit. 

The consultation (released in May) suggested that the vast majority of the UK’s international road freight is with EU countries. The government placed an estimate on this trade at £110 billion, which they are of course keen to maintain. 

The two key elements of the act are the establishment of:

  • Regulations and enforcement of a permit scheme for International Road Haulage
  • A trailer registration scheme allowing UK trailers to be registered to meet the registration standards outlined in the 1968 Vienna Convention. This will allow UK Operators working on the continent to comply with the requirements of EU countries that currently require trailers to be registered whilst travelling within their borders.

Regulations to allow for the implementation and enforcement of the Act will follow. Currently the DVSA is in the process of creating a permit administration scheme while the DVLA is establishing a trailer registration scheme. Both schemes are currently scheduled to be available later this year.

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