Update to CPD for Transport Managers

The latest revised Senior Traffic Commissioner's Statutory Documents have now been published.

One of the changes to the documents concerns transport managers (Statutory Document 3), and the requirement for transport managers to be able to evidence continuous professional development (CPD).

The EC Regulation 1071/2009 states that “applicants for the post of transport manager should possess high-quality professional knowledge”, but Great Britain has never implemented any specific training requirements to cover this criterion.

The new Statutory Document sets out how Traffic Commissioners expect that knowledge to be demonstrated through CPD, the new emphasis being on training in a ‘conscious and proactive’, rather than a ‘passive and reactive’ way.

The additional development or learning may take various forms from undertaking courses, attending workshops or conferences and using e-learning products.

In the guidance the Senior Traffic Commissioner has given instances where a transport manager would be expected to evidence CPD, these are:

• On an initial application for a licence where the nominated transport manager has not been specified as such for more than five years.

• On an initial application where the nominated transport manager acquired their qualification more than ten years previous.

• On an application for a licence where the transport manager is proposing to be on more than one licence or when the proposed number of hours per week to carry out their duty are less than the starting point stated in the statutory document.

• On the renewal or continuation of an operator’s licence.

• At a Public Inquiry when considering the continuous and effective management exercised by the transport manager.

In short, the new guidance sets the expectation for transport managers to keep up to date with the constantly changing regulatory minefield so that they can steer operators through those choppy waters. It is no longer sufficient to take the examination and assume that it is a ticket for life.

Other important revisions to the Statutory Documents include changes to guidance on self-employed drivers (with the incorporation of the HMRC guidance on driver employment status) and guidance on the revocation of a licence where the conditions attached to a period of grace have not been complied with.

Copies of the STC Statutory Documents are available from the GOV.UK website through this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/senior-traffic-commissioners-statutory-guidance-and-statutory-directions

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