Wales speed limit reduced to 20mph

Wales speed limit reduced to 20mph

Wales has become the first country in the United Kingdom to reduce their speed limit in residential areas from 30mph to 20mph. The motivation behind the change in speed limit in residential areas is to reduce deaths and encourage people to use more greener ways of transport such as cycling or walking. The latest statics show that “a person hit by a vehicle travelling 30mph has a five times greater risk of dying than if a vehicle was travelling at 20mph.”

The UN has called for there to be a reduction on speed limit to either 20mph or 30mph in towns, cities, and villages across the world. Wales has been supported by their decision to reduce their speed limit by the European Transport Safety Council stating, “Wales deserves a massive pat on the back.”

The new change of speed limit has not been openly welcome in Wales as 460,000 people have signed to have the new law axed. Many Welsh people find the new law to be “absolutely ridiculous” as many drivers are finding it hard to stick to a 20mph speed. The conversative party have claimed that the new speed limit is a “war on motorist” and is “insane”. Some Welsh people have welcomed the new speed limit as many people feel safer cycling on the roads now.

Whether England will take a leap out of Wales books to reduce the speed limit in towns and cities remains unknown. But there is only a matter of time where more countries will be implementing the same reduction in speed.


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